securing domains

If you arrived at this page it's because you are looking for a domain name,
the best within your budget. Securing Domains can help you with this task.

In case you don't own a worldwide trademark it's especially important to secure
the .com domain before your competition, otherwise you will loose many visitors.

website traffic

Some domain names have what we call type in or direct navigation traffic,
visitors that type the url address directly on their browser. This happens when
it's a generic name like or when your domain is a better
.com variation of a popular website using hyphens or in a less global tld like
.net, .org, .biz, .info, .ws, .cc, not to mention country-specific extensions like
.de,, .fr,, .nl, .ch, .it,, .pt,, .jp, .ru, .be, etc.

One of the few exceptions are premium .net domains, even those can get
good type-in traffic if they have fulfill a few requirements... and secrets.

search engine ranking

With a few weeks or months of careful development it's easier to get a top
ranking at Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and many others, with a good domain
that is the exact match to the keyword you want to rank well. Why this boost?

Because this is one of the factors that is used to rank websites and because
most other websites will link to you using your website name, and the anchor
text in incoming links is very important... if you want search engine traffic.

Some people may tell you that it doesn't work that way, but this is the truth.
If you don't have a spam website a targeted domain is the only factor you can buy.
Try doing that with links and end up disappearing from the first pages of Google.

A good domain name can translate in hundreds or thousands of new customers,
without any need of paying for advertisements. It's a long-term investment.

Apart from the bonus of becoming an instant specialist with an authority website,
good domain names are some of the few assets that continue to grow in value.

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Thank you

securing domains